Month: December 2016

Asian Opium Fields: The Origins of the Golden Triangle
December 16, 2016 James Clayton Welch

The Golden Triangle is the drug center of Southeast Asia, located in the bordering mountains of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar, and has been a main supplier of opium and heroin for more than two hundred years. Unseated in recent times by the production in Afghanistan and the gaining popularity of yaa baa, an amphetamine-type stimulant, around the ASEAN, the Golden Triangle still thrives desp . . .

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Opium: An Overview and Quick History
December 9, 2016 James Clayton Welch

A valued ornamental plant, opium is a drug that has helped shape the world as we know it. Wars have been fought, countries have been taken hostage, and lives have been lost all because of this unassuming brown or black powder. Although sometimes sold in a sticky solid, this highly illegal drug can be eaten, drunk, or injected, but most of the time smoked because it enters the brain faster. For pur . . .

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Asian Gold: A Quick Look at the Sources of the International Drug Trade
December 2, 2016 James Clayton Welch

Spanning over forty-eight countries including Russia and Turkey, Asia is notable for its overall large size and population with dense settlements in some areas as well as sparsely populated regions in others. With a total of over 4.4 billion people, it has an ancient history of trade of commerce; thus it comes as no surprise that many of its regions are involved with the international drug trade. . . .

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