Month: January 2017

January 27, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Pharmaceutical Medicine’s Double-Edged Sword

You’ve heard of morphine. As a popular painkiller, it is used in hospitals all over the world to alleviate pain. On the streets, it is used to alleviate pain of another kind. Addictive and harmful, many people question its mainstream application due to the fact that it leads to dependency and eventually to loss . . .

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Cannabis: The International Herb
January 20, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Al Capone famously said, “Prohibition has made nothing but trouble.”

Although he was referring to alcohol prohibition, the world is currently facing the same problem, but this time, the spotlight is on marijuana.

Utilized by many cultures across the globe, weed has been used for medical, spiritual, and recreational reasons throughout the ages until its recent prohibition. Unearthed evide . . .

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January 13, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Heroin chic was a really big thing in the 90s. It was glamourized by many beautiful celebrities, and despite the fact that everyone knew what kind of special hell heroin addiction is, people were still drawn to this particular drug. In the film Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace, mistaking some heroin for cocaine, snorts a line of the drug and goes into cardiac arrest. She only survives because Vincent Veg . . .

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The Heart of the Golden Crescent: The Poppy Fields of Afghanistan
January 6, 2017 James Clayton Welch

The lands of Afghanistan have been rife with conflict since the mid-twentieth century all the way to the present. Usually associated with Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, Afghanistan has another more insidious export that has fueled the United States’ War on Drugs—opium.

An intoxicant that is the main ingredient of heroin, more than ninety percent of the world’s opium is pr . . .

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