Month: February 2017

Who Are the Hmong People?
February 23, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Life among the Hmong and their struggles in search for peace

Hmong means “free people,” and rightly so as these fiercely independent and peace-loving people have resisted being subjugated for thousands of years to the point of becoming guerrilla fighters and then, eventually, refugees. As the Hmong have constantly been displaced, their great diaspor . . .

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Tibetan Buddhism
February 16, 2017 James Clayton Welch

A Glimpse into the Secret World of Tibetan Buddhists

Colorful flags and written sutras flutter in the air as the cold wind blows through the mountains. The sound of a longhorn blares in the distance, and deep-throated chanting slowly cuts through the silence. You follow the sound and find yourself entering a dim chamber flanked by two smooth wooden pillars. The . . .

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Life after Death in Tao
February 10, 2017 James Clayton Welch

The Concept of Death in the Philosophy of Tao

It is raining. You stand in front of a pyre, the heat from the flames blow in waves upon your skin as stray droplets splash upon your cheeks. There is a resounding sound of gongs and eerie indecipherable chanting fills the air. You are now witnessing a Tao funeral.

“Those who die without being forgotten get . . .

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The Tao Philosophy
February 3, 2017 James Clayton Welch

An Introduction to the Way of Tao

Following Tao means following a living path, says Tao scholar Deng Ming-Dao. It is a way of life that sustains, guides, and leads us to innumerable rich experiences. We go through life confused and worried about external concerns that afflict us with stress, but it is when one discovers the path of Tao that we begin to become . . .

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