Month: April 2017

Fiction Famous: Spies
April 27, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Meet the Fabulously Famous Fictional Spies and Why the Books They Are featured in Are Amazing

Truth is stranger than fiction, yet the problem with truth is that, sometimes, real life can be cruel. The superheroes you look up to may be flawed when you look beyond their sheen of invincibility, and the bubble that is the suspension of your disbelief pops. This is . . .

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Mossad: Israeli Intelligence
April 21, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Get to Know the Israeli’s Mossad and Why It Is on Top

Truth is stranger than fiction, and when the French publication Le Monde reported that Israeli agents tried to recruit French counterparts to be double agents for Israel while trying to gather intelligence on Syria’s chemical arsenal, that statement was proven to be correct again. The Mossa . . .

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MI6: British Intelligence
April 12, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Meet the MI6, the United Kingdom’s Elite Intelligence Agency

If you don’t know who James Bond is, then you must have been living under a rock. Because as the most famous fictional spy in the world, his name is synonymous with espionage.

A suave and debonair superspy, he has driven invisible cars, travelled to exotic and remote locations, and has had . . .

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Debunking CIA Myths and Misconceptions
April 7, 2017 James Clayton Welch

CIA Myths and Why They’re Not True

Raise your hand if you think that all CIA agents are all like Jason Bourne. Well, it seems as if there are a lot of us, but during my research for my book, I found out that despite their clandestine and very hush-hush jobs, they’re not all super soldiers running around chasing or being chased by an enemy of the free world . . .

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