Month: June 2017

Ending the Demand for Drugs
June 16, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Dealing with Drug Addiction and How to Start Rehabilitation

There are many discussions and arguments on the causes and effects of the international drug problem and its global consequences, yet one thing many people fail to take into account is the changed lives of the victims of drug addiction or the casualties of the drug . . .

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Understanding the War on Drugs
June 9, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Can the War on Drugs Ever Be Truly Won?

There has been a significant toll on the people in this war on drugs going on in the United States. The DEA refuses to acknowledge scientific evidence of the use of some illegal substances while supporting “legal” yet potentially addictive drugs that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. All the while, th . . .

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The Drug Enforcement Agency
June 2, 2017 James Clayton Welch

Meet the agency fighting illegal drugs

No, they do not enforce drug use. In fact, the Drug Enforcement Agency, or the DEA, is the agency that enforces the controlled substances laws and regulation of the United States. Well, at least that what its website says. This is the agency that brings to justice . . .

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