“The rich story and cleverly spun details had me on the edge of my seat. It’s overflowing with intrigue and multicultural references, which I find refreshing. A definite must-read.”

—Louis Jones (Fresno, California)

The Wayfarer is one of the most captivating stories I’ve read so far. It’s a perfect blend of mystery and suspense, and it had me turning pages till the wee hours.”

—Gerald Bell (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

About the Author

James Clayton Welch is the published author of several technical books and three works of fiction.

He has served as a military officer, an intelligence operative, a NASA scientist, and a writer for several years.

He has a master’s degree in astronautics and a doctorate in astrophysics.

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About the Book

The Wayfarer is a story based upon an ancient legend of Taoist mystics who were known to appear and liberate or rescue any people who were suffering from oppression, disaster, or injustices from rulers.

One such mystic in contemporary times was a spiritually powerful woman, trained in the mystical arts of Central Asia. Her story is a suspenseful, violent drama played out against the backdrop of modern political corruption and the international drug trade.

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